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Why do we need love and be loved?

Love is a beautiful thing and something that many people spend their entire lives striving to find. Dating is oftentimes done in the hopes of forming long-lasting relationships. Almost everyone dreams of finding that one to love him or her till the end of time. Yet, what is this need that we as humans have to have loved and be loved? The answer lies within basic human psychology.

Abraham Maslow is a psychologist who developed the hierarchy of needs. One of the fundamental needs that all humans require on their journey to self-actualization and being a complete being is to have loved and be loved. Loving is arguably the most important element in the hierarchy since many of the other needs listed in it are influenced by and revolve around that of loving.

For instance, in order for many people to feel safe, secured and belonging, they must experience loving others and being loved by others. Likewise, many people's sense of self esteem depends upon their sense of loving as well. Loving gives us the motivation to keep going and to achieve something. It's actually more a physical need than an emotional one since it affects our overall physical health as well as our emotional health.

russian brides websiteAlthough when we think of loving another person, we oftentimes think of dating and relationships, there are other ways of loving people as well. Loving someone does not always have take form in the romantic sense. The romantic aspect of loving stems from humans' physical instincts to procreate, but two partners can experience a true and loving relationship without ever having sexual contact. Loving can consist of two people simply being romantic emotional companions, or it can even exist of loving another person in a platonic sense, such as in the manner that an adult loves a child or friends care for one another.

There's many different types of loves, and it's actually best for humans to have each type for them to reach true self-actualization. Loving and having the loving of family members and fellow human beings in general is one type of love, but humans also need the comfort that an intimate loving relationship can bring too, such as the type that exists between a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or two other such intimate partners.

Fortunately, nowadays it's easier than ever to find a way to experience an intimate type of loving between two people. You aren't necessarily constricted to dating people within your geographical area thanks to the Internet and all the online sites available to help bring people together. Sometimes such websites can help match you up with a potential romantic partner based upon similar interests and values and how compatible the two of you would be based on statistics. While opposites do oftentimes attract, having a compatibility based on common interests and moral standings can sometimes make for the most secure types of loving relationships.