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  • 30 Best First Date Questions.

    First dates are always the most awkward. If you are reading this, you are probably nervous about your first date. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable about meeting people for the first time. A good tip would be to think of your first date as someone who could possibly be a good friend if things go well--and more than that if things go really well. Try not to think about the romance bit too soon, though, especially if you’re easily rattled. If the conversation seems to run dry after the basic introductions, don’t worry. You can take a cue from these 30 conversation starters.

    1. What combination of ingredients do you prefer in your food? (This can be altered a bit to ingredients in...

  • Men's Guide to Valentine's Day

    Valentine's day is a time to express how much you love and care for your lady. It is a time to affirm that in deed you are the right man for her. It is a time to clear any doubts from her mind forever. It is a time where she is expectant, waiting to see what you mean when tell her you love her. You can rise to the occasion in various ways, depending on your creativity. Read on to find out some ways in which you can score a big one with your girl.

    Treat her to a home cooked dinner. Show her that you care about your relationship and you are ready to invest some effort in it. It will impress her to know that you took time to find the perfect recipe, do the decor and set the right mood. Create a...

  • How to start conversation- best first message to send on a dating site.

    When a man wants to relate, the first thing that comes to mind is who to date and how to make the first lasting impression. Of course, ladies are always out to sample the approaches. They can tell the timid and the bold. They can tell the humorous and talented, as well as the experienced. Hence the reason why you cannot take any chances. You better strike it hot on the onset.

    There are two major ingredients of the first impressive message: Finding a common ground and starting a conversation out of it. That is not enough. Girls love it when you ask them questions. It is quite flattering to express you thoughts to them in a charming style. Girls love to focus on them. If you know how to turn it around and use it to your advantage, you can never be disappointed.

  • Best Compliments to Give your Lady

    When dating a woman, express your real feelings for her. Let her know exactly what she means to you, what you feel about her and how much you treasure and cherish her. There's no better way to do this than to go sentimental. Express your love by telling your lover how much you love and care for her. However, these are not the only compliments you can say to her. If you keep using the same sentiments time and again, they become too monotonous and boring. This calls for creativity on your part. There are many ways to tell her how much you treasure and cherish her. The following sentimental compliments can easily turn you into your lady's prince charming.

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  • What Makes you more Desirable to Women.

    Many men out there scratch their heads hard, asking themselves whether they really have what it takes to be desired by women. Some are aware of their strong points, those appealing traits that endear them to women. However, others are quite troubled about what really endears them to women. Failure to find a strong point that endears you to women can be a source of frustration. For those in the know, they ride on their strong traits to win over women, a factor that destroys fear and low esteem, contributing to a strong personality.

    One peculiar trait discovered recently could endear you to women, and if you know how to use it, you can win over any woman of your admiration. A recent research carried out by the University of Carolina shows that if you are a good storyteller,...

  • Warning signs: when you try to find a wife online.

    If you want to find bride online in another country, there are all sorts of options available to you. However, you do need to play it safe. There are scammers out there who want to take advantage of you. In order to protect yourself, you should watch out for these specific signs that may indicate the person either isn't real or that they are trying to steal your financial information (or other personal information). Here are a few signs to look out for when you want to find wife overseas.

    Overly Tender Letters

    Who doesn't love an overly tender letter, right? Well, there is a warning sign in here. If she writes these letters but doesn't ask anything about you, it is a major issue. Why? Well, she's talking someone in a completely different country....

  • Dating Advice for Men: Get Over Shyness

    So you area gent in need of female company and you feel none is falling for you. Could it be that you are the reason none is falling for you? Could it be that they are specifically looking for something you aren't giving? Most likely, you should look inside you for an answer. It is within you. It is possible that you are the shy type of men, who wish a woman falls for him without much ado. Yet women out there are looking for real men. Real men who stand up to be counted. Real men who project their chests for all to see. Real men who are bold. Men who know exactly what they want. Men who rise to the occasion when it matters most.

    A time comes in life when you pursue that which you want with all that is within you. A time comes when relying on hope alone as a strategy...

  • Anti Scam Protection

    In the dating industry, we understand there can be rogue fellows out there who may want to use such platforms as ours to scam unsuspecting clients  We understand how serious this threat is, and so we treat it with the seriousness it deserves. We endeavor to secure the privacy of our clients, both ladies and gentlemen so that they can enjoy a safe, secure communication environment conducive for initiating and nurturing their relationships. Not only that, we have embraced modern communication technology to ensure that communication is as "real time" as it can get. This includes the provision of an email avenue, same to audio and video, live chat, as well as chat communication. Our Anti Scam Protection Policy is a major component in...

  • why women reject men - main reasons.

    One of the worst things to happen to a man's ego is when he is rejected by woman he is attracted to. Yet this happens every other day. There are many reasons why a woman can reject a man. A man may have control over some of them, but not all. Women are approached by men of all kind. So, when you also show up to approach them, they may take you for another dude on a mission to chat her up. If you do it right and project yourself as a different man, it may work for you. Don't prove to be another jerk, creep or disrespectful. By the way, there is just little you need to do to stand out from the crowd. Then why are you facing the rejection from women? Could it be that you are making some silly mistakes common with most men? If so read on to find out and correct them. You don't have to...

  • Understand Culture, Superstitions And Customs To Win The Heart Of Russian Or Ukrainian Women

    Understand Culture, Superstitions And Customs To Win The Heart Of Russian Or Ukrainian Women

    When you have the desire to meet women from around the globe, you have to know what’s going on inside her mind. Perhaps you want to meet Ukrainian women or a gorgeous Russian lady. This means you will need to understand some of the unique works in superstitions as well as some of the traditions keeps her culture close to her heart.

    One such example is to never hand anything over a doorway, or even hug in a doorway. It is considered a threshold that should only be crossed and nothing more.

    If you go on any kind of journey, sit down for a moment so that you can reflect on the trip. By doing this in front of a Russian lady, she is going to know that you understand...